How To Uninstall Multiple Apps In One Click On All Android Phones



Uninstalling apps one-by-one can be stressful sometimes, but what if there is an app to uninstall multiple apps with just only one-click? You may be thinking that root might be required, but the procedures we will be sharing below doesn’t requires root and it is even within your reach.

Almost all Android users do have ES File Explorer installed on their Android phones we believe, If you do you need not to download any additional app or tools, but if you are not you can download the latest version of ES File Explorer from here.

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After installation, launch the app and click on the Menu button at the top left side of the screen or you may click the Android Menu button, go to “Tools” and open “App Manager”. By default, users app are display but you can switch to system app by clicking the Apps button located at the top. Click the select button at the bottom menu and select the apps you want to uninstall, after selection click the uninstall button. You will be asked for confirmation, simply click yes for each app and you are done.

If you are using MiXplorer, click on the the icon at the top left and select user app, long-click to choose multiple apps you want to uninstall, click on the menu icon at the bottom left and select uninstall.

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Uninstalling multiple apps at once on Android is as easy as that, you can give it a try.

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