How to Download Unblocked Minecraft Launcher


Downloading Minecraft might seem quite frustrating but if you’re really bent on playing the game, you should be stark set to try as many as possible download alternatives. One important thing is to download a piracy-free Minecraft file while another is to ensure you aren’t downloading from a virus-loaded site.

Therefore, we’ve carefully reviewed the available sites and pages for the download of Unblocked Minecraft and so, we’re damn sure the sites/pages in this post are safe for your Minecraft download.

While this post clearly guides you on the download of Minecraft, be well informed that Mohjang’s official website happens to be the best place for the download of Minecraft’s latest version. This, of course, will usually attract some fee which you should be ready to incur before you can enjoy the game’s latest version.

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Easy Steps for Setting up Minecraft Unblocked’s Gameplay




Team Extreme Download –this Weebly site is one of the effective online places for the download of Minecraft but you really have to be cautious so that you don’t get into its tricky donation of $1 for access to games. Most likely, you’re hoping to download Minecraft without dropping a penny and you can do this by clicking the first link on the site.

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1.5.2 Download –just as its name implies, this site happens to be the surest place for the download of Minecraft 1.5.2 but you can also expect to get about 5 various Minecraft texture packs from the site.

1.8 Cracked Download –this is a TimTech site which hosts the Minecraft version best suited for the single-player gamers. Put simply, you’ll not make any fun with this version if you’re only looking for Minecraft that supports a multiplayer mode. If you’re pleased with the one-player mode for your Minecraft experience, you can proceed to download the game from the site.

While you’re likely to experience some hitch in the event of downloading Minecraft from this site, you can always comply with the following TimTech- suggested steps in order to get past the hicth:

  • Click here for the file download but ensure you aren’t extracting the downloaded files to the folder Minecraft18
  • Copy the folder .minecraft and paste it in your computer’s folder titled App Data. To explore your computer’s App Data folder, locate the search widget on the computer and input the keyword %appdata%
  • With the file copying completed, you can then click here to download Minecraft launcher
  • Switch off Internet connection, start the downloaded Launcher and tap Play Offline. In the instance that you’re asked to sign in again, comply with the prompt by providing non-existing password and username
  • With the preceding step followed, the login attempt becomes unsuccessful and immediately you realize this, tap Play Offline

If you’re hell bent on playing Minecraft, you should be ready to comply with the TimTech-provided steps above irrespective of how complicated they might seem.

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Saaugs3mc Download –this is just the right site if you’re desperate to download Minecraft coupled with the texture packs, sound additions and mods which magnify your gaming experience.


We strongly believe the post above is just what you’ve been looking for on how to download unblocked Minecraft launcher. If you seem not to have made any head way despite complying with the steps in this post, you may opt to only play Minecraft (i.e. without downloading the launcher on your PC) and click here.

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