Dragon Mobile Assistant Let You Take Full Control Of Your Android Phone With Just Your Voice


Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is an Android application developed be Nuance Inc, the company that is well known for its PC software named “Dragon Dictate”. Dragon Dictate offers best voice recognition technology and virtual assistant for PC users, and its voice recognition works seamlessly, thankfully, Nuance has taken another step in freely providing this great app for Android mobile users.

Dragon Mobile Assistant is an app that lets Android users access their phones without tapping the screen or clicking any buttons, all you need to do is alter a voice command and it is done. It makes Android life easier and let users take full control of their Android device using voice command.

Dragon voice recognition technology is well known to be up to every task as it can easily recognize users voice. Although it can be train to recognize users voice in PC vervion, this option is not provided in the mobile app.

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Dragon Mobile Assistant Main Screen

There are lots of things you can do with Dragon Mobile Assistant, you can make calls, send text messages, send emails, update social networks status like Twitter and Facebook, check the weather, and even find directions by using your voice. One of the best feature we love most is even when your phone is in sleep mode or your screen is locked, you can wake it up by saying HELLO DRAGON and it will auto respond.

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Dragon Mobile Assistant also has a built-in voice print which makes it more secure and adhere only to your command. Also, the app can auto detect when you are driving and switch to car mode. There are currently three distinct personalities you can choose as your virtual assistant, Jessica, Jonathan and Victoria.

Dragon mobile assistant is currently one of the best virtual mobile assistant for Android, and it is free.

Download Dragon Mobile Assistant

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