Bluesmart Suitcase Will Measure Your Load, Track Distance And Charge Your Phone


Bluesmart Suitcase

It hasn’t been long when the world’s first smart bag dubbed Phorce Pro was released, but today, it get a new rival called Bluesmart suitcase. This a new digital innovation launched on Indiegogo on Monday that makes travelling more easier.

Like Phorce Pro, Bluesmart is not just a bag but a gadget packed with many features to enhance and make life more easier without having to rely on multiple gadgets for a single purpose. It can be easily paired with a smartphone via accompanied app to monitor and track distance travel at a given time.

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The advantage here over Phorce Pro is Bluesmart can measure travel kit irrespective of how heavy or light it is and display its total weight on your phone screen, no more need of scales as the suitcase got you covered. Unlike Phorce Pro that can be switch from Backpack to Messenger bag and briefcase, Bluesmart only retains one form throughout lifetime, and that is suitcase.

The device also comes with a built-in battery with two USB ports that can be used to charge any mobile device like Tablets and E-readers, but disappointingly laptops are not mentioned. With its built-in smart lock technology, Bluesmart will auto lock anytime you and your phone move away from it and will alert the owner if forgotten or left behind.

Bluesmart can be pre-order now at a price of $195 (roughly #31,500 Nigerian Naira), but will cost more when it goes on sale.

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