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Five Most Tasks You Need to Execute to Ensure Windows Security



Cybersecurity vulnerability is very common in Windows-based systems nowadays; user negligence or lacks of knowledge of Windows security factors are responsible for this issue in reality. Using networked based computers for personal or corporate reasons is the main cause of this vulnerability. At first, you need to understand some basic but advanced functions of your Microsoft Windows system that are often unknown to you. I am sharing some important issues below that you can mitigate by setting up an Access Director on your Windows system.

File Sharing Permissions: This is such a local administrative privilege on all types of Microsoft versions that should be considered as vulnerable as you are giving up your information to everybody! According to the cybersecurity analyst most of the time it has created either by the careless habit of the administrator or by mistake. Admin can mitigate this ‘Everyone Group’ issue by setting up an Access Director to protect this identity theft issue along with other data.

Deficiency of Malware Protection: Most of the Microsoft Windows users neglect this issue always and ultimately their windows security system is under completely threat that they can’t realize. Malware can damage your system in several risky levels and can destroy your data security as well. Antivirus & Antispyware are recommended to install properly in user computers.

Illiteracy about Personal Firewall Protection: Most of the workstations as well as servers have not any Firewall Protection set up because of the illiteracy of admin or users. Windows security can be highly vulnerable for this issue. We should apply our common sense that Microsoft created a firewall protection feature because it has an important role to ensure Windows security.

Incapable Drive Encryption: Most of the users or organizations are not using drive encryption system and as a result if some of their laptop or desktop computers accidentally lost, they cannot protect their hard drive from password cracking by burglars to gain complete access to all information; encrypting all information by specific passphrase can only do that. This is a high threat to windows security.

Lack of Security Standard: Wireless network users should prepare and use a secure user policy, like using an SSL for Microsoft Outlook Web Access or a PPTP VPN connection to connect any remote network or using WPA-PSK with a strong passphrase ensuring that cybersecurity of the system is working well. A Network Access Control (NAC) system based on a well-organized workstation is recommended for that.

I hope the points depicted above can make you sense and you will see the result yourself if you apply those. Happy Computing.

Tanmay Samajder is a Physical Security & Cyber Security Protection practitioner, at present working on Basic Bytes, a Denmark based Microsoft Certified Trainer & Software Company.


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5 Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone and Tips to Stay Safe




Nowadays most of the transaction is done through the internet which has made our life easier. On the other hand, it has also put our lives at risk. Do you know how? There is a high risk that your personal data might expose to the hackers. The hackers are using numerous way to steal people’s data. Here are some ways how hackers are stealing the data and how you can save yourself from this cyber theft.

5 Ways of Cyber Theft and Prevents

1. Through Email

Hackers sent you a misleading email which pokes you to click on the email. The email gives you feel like it has been sent by some authorized bank which asks you to fill the bank detail to verify your identity. If you will not do it then your ATM card will be blocked. When you click on the email, you are redirected to the landing page. If users fill the bank details there, the details are directly sent to the hackers instead of a bank.

Another way is the email might have an attachment. As soon as you download, malware gets installed and steal the personal data from your mobile.

Tips: Always look for the domain or spelling in the email id and if you find anything suspicious then please avoid clicking on the link. Do not download the file from the untrusted sources. Take your time to understand the scenario.

2. Malware

Malicious software that steals data from your mobile, delete the information from your mobile, track your device secretly or update the core functionality of the mobile. Clicking on unauthorized ads, pop-ups or installing the pirated software causes the malicious programs.

Tips: It is recommended to use an anti-virus of your phone, It doesn’t cost much. Avoid clicking on pop-ups, don’t download fake software. Always keep your apps and operating system up-to-date.

3. Malicious Mobile Apps
Do you think so that every app on Google play store or app store is authentic? Not every app on the play store is safe to use. The apps may contain a code snippet that can install malware on your phone and steal the data from your phone. The app asks you various permissions and your details are misused by the distributors.

Tips: Always check permissions when you download any new mobile app. Avoid downloading an app from any third party resources. Never download the pirated app.

4. Through Call or Message
You may get a call or message that your card will get blocked or you have won the prize. They will ask your internet banking password or OTP to gain access to your account. Once he gets your details, it may be used for various purposes. You may get short links in the messages which may lead to unsuspicious web pages.

Tips: Don’t share any personal information on call and message. Verify the sender information before clicking on any message. Never share OTP to any third person over call or message.

5. Free Wi-Fi
We all get excited when we heard the word “free” and the same applies here. We get the free wi-fi service in cafes or railway station. Connecting your system to an insecure network increase the chances of hacking. A hacker can gain the access to your social accounts, passwords, bank accounts.

Tips: Do not connect your old phone to the open wi-fi or free wi-fi. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it is safe. In case, if you are using public wi-fi then avoid the bank transactional or access any critical information.

Your phone’s security is in your hands. Stay alert all time.

Do you have an old phone with no use? Sell your phone before the price drops.

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Best and Free Waptrick Applications To Download



By can simply be described as a mobile download site that provides free games, music and apps download. It is the best source for free downloads of mp3 music, videos, games, wallpapers and numerous device applications. The top free applications to download on waptrick includes the following

Phone/SMS Apps

SMS means short message service. It is the most used data application in the world. There are various apps for sending and receiving free messages on androids. On, one can download free SMS and phone apps such as

  • Go SMS Pro
  • Twin Free SMS
  • SMS Cleaner free
  • Chomp SMS app
  • App store
  • Translate HD
  • Flash light
  • SMS App
  • Fingerprint Scanner App
  • E Book

Antivirus/Security Apps

There are good Antivirus and security apps that can protect a device and are free download on waptrick. These apps are downloaded freely on a click away. Some of the most efficient antivirus and security apps on waptrick include

  • Fake call
  • Automatic antivirus scanner
  • Launch x pro
  • Cm security antivirus App lock
  • Phone blocker
  • Gallery lock
  • X file manager
  • Antivirus 2019.


Social/Funny Apps

These apps can make certain tasks in your day to day life a little bit easier. Some of these apps make it fun to stay in touch with family and friends. Funny apps are there to make one laugh. Some of the social/ funny apps that are free to download on waptrick include

  • Facebook lite
  • Opera mini fast web browser
  • Whatsapp messenger
  • Love SMS
  • UC browser mini for android
  • Whatsapp plus

Tools/Gadget Apps

A phone or desktop gadget is a small application that is designed or created to stay on a desktop screen and be used to carryout special functions on the device or the phone. Gadget apps are useful in accessing system information. With different APPS AND TOOLS Available for users to choose from, one might not know the best ones that will be useful to him or her. Some of the best tools and gadget apps available on waptrick for quick and free download include

  • Application lock
  • Calendar 2019
  • SHAREIT connect and transfer
  • Caller location
  • Phone blocker
  • Opera mini browser classic
  • Voice screen lock
  • Fake call
  • Launch x pro
  • Television
  • Lucky Pitcher
  • Spy camera
  • Zero VPN

Religion Apps

These apps include the best religious apps like the sacred Books of various religions. Waptrick free android religion app helps users to have access to religious items, books, events and calendar on the device. The following are the top free religion applications to download.

  • Qibla compass
  • The Holy Bible
  • Al Salah
  • Daily Bible
  • English Bible
  • Cadre Bible
  • Muslim Pro premium
  • Classic catholic prayer
  • Prayer time Qibla
  • Islam word quotes
  • Ramadan times
  • Quran English translation
  • Muslim Prayer time calculator
  • Moses kids book of bible story
  • Hindu calendar
  • Indian Quran
  • Chinese Quran
  • The holy Quran

In conclusion, the above mentioned apps are the top apps out of the other numerous free applications available to android and other users on to get all the listed apps and many more on your device simply visit and download them at no cost at all.

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These days, the download of various movies seamlessly and without paying a dime has become a lot easier. Having shot into the cluster of nice movie download sites, HDMp4Mania is sincerely one of those online platforms for downloading your favourite Bollywood movies and lots more.

Are you searching for the hitch-free site that lets you download the newly released Indian web series?

If yes, your search ends with HDMp4Mania as the site readily offers you a mouthwatering collection of Indian web series, Indian TV shows, recently released Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Hindi-dubbed movies and so on.

This review of HDMp4Mania will expose you to how you can download your desired movies. Additionally, you’ll find out how you can get the site’s Android app for the seamless download of Indian web series.

What Are the Movie Categories on HDMp4Mania?

HDMp4Mania hosts a generous amount of movies stacked under a variety of movie categories. While the site allows you to enjoy free download of movies, it also boasts an amazing collection of TV shows. Below are the movie categories on HDMp4Mania:

  1. Wrestling Shows and PPV
  2. Hollywood Dubbed in Hindi (for Hindi-dubbed versions of your favourite American movies)
  3. Bollywood
  4. All Indian Web Series (Alt Balaji, Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, Amazon and several others)
  5. Normal Quality and Low Size Mp4 Movies
  6. Hollywood
  7. Others (Indian TV Shows
  8. Latest and Hottest 18+ B Grade Indian Web Series (also available on the site’s new Android app)

How to Download HDMp4Mania’s Android App

HDMp4Mania happens to be a wide-ranging platform for movie download. In addition to its huge collection of movies cutting across various categories, the site offers an Android app for anyone to easily get the hottest and newest 18+ B Grade Indian web series downloaded to their Android phone. You may follow the steps below to get the app:

  • Click here to visit the official homepage of HDMp4Mania
  • On the homepage, navigate to and click the option Latest and Hottest 18+ B Grade Indian Web Series on Our New Android App
  • Doing the above will help you load the page for HDMp4Mania’s hottest and newly released 18+ Indian series
  • To begin downloading the app, tap any of the TV series you see on the page
  • Alternatively, you can scroll down as far as the middle of the site’s homepage where you’ll see the icon indicating DOWNLOAD INDIAN WEB SERIES APP
  • Click on this icon and follow the subsequent prompt in order to download the app

How to Download Movies from HDMp4Mania

  • Open any suitable browser on your mobile phone
  • Toggle over to the address bar and type the URL
  • Clicking the above URL will take you to HDMp4Mania’s homepage where you’ll find a decent array of movie categories
  • Select your preferred movie category (such as Bollywood, Hollywood, etc.) and then sift through the emerging list of movies in order to locate your desired movie. Alternatively, you can slot the title of your preferred movie in the search widget provided
  • Once you’ve seen the link bearing your preferred movie, click it
  • Now that you must have landed on the download page, toggle downwards until you see Download Links Below
  • Simply click this in order to have your chosen movie saved in your phone’s storage


We strongly believe that this review has shed enough light on what HDMp4Mania is, how the site can be used and the movie categories you can expect to see while browsing it. If you have a strong knack for WWE Smackdown videos and would like to download them seamlessly, HDMp4Mania is obviously one go-to site for this reason.

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