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Best and Free Waptrick Applications To Download


on can simply be described as a mobile download site that provides free games, music and apps download. It is the best source for free downloads of mp3 music, videos, games, wallpapers and numerous device applications. The top free applications to download on waptrick includes the following

Phone/SMS Apps

SMS means short message service. It is the most used data application in the world. There are various apps for sending and receiving free messages on androids. On, one can download free SMS and phone apps such as

  • Go SMS Pro
  • Twin Free SMS
  • SMS Cleaner free
  • Chomp SMS app
  • App store
  • Translate HD
  • Flash light
  • SMS App
  • Fingerprint Scanner App
  • E Book

Antivirus/Security Apps

There are good Antivirus and security apps that can protect a device and are free download on waptrick. These apps are downloaded freely on a click away. Some of the most efficient antivirus and security apps on waptrick include

  • Fake call
  • Automatic antivirus scanner
  • Launch x pro
  • Cm security antivirus App lock
  • Phone blocker
  • Gallery lock
  • X file manager
  • Antivirus 2019.


Social/Funny Apps

These apps can make certain tasks in your day to day life a little bit easier. Some of these apps make it fun to stay in touch with family and friends. Funny apps are there to make one laugh. Some of the social/ funny apps that are free to download on waptrick include

  • Facebook lite
  • Opera mini fast web browser
  • Whatsapp messenger
  • Love SMS
  • UC browser mini for android
  • Whatsapp plus

Tools/Gadget Apps

A phone or desktop gadget is a small application that is designed or created to stay on a desktop screen and be used to carryout special functions on the device or the phone. Gadget apps are useful in accessing system information. With different APPS AND TOOLS Available for users to choose from, one might not know the best ones that will be useful to him or her. Some of the best tools and gadget apps available on waptrick for quick and free download include

  • Application lock
  • Calendar 2019
  • SHAREIT connect and transfer
  • Caller location
  • Phone blocker
  • Opera mini browser classic
  • Voice screen lock
  • Fake call
  • Launch x pro
  • Television
  • Lucky Pitcher
  • Spy camera
  • Zero VPN

Religion Apps

These apps include the best religious apps like the sacred Books of various religions. Waptrick free android religion app helps users to have access to religious items, books, events and calendar on the device. The following are the top free religion applications to download.

  • Qibla compass
  • The Holy Bible
  • Al Salah
  • Daily Bible
  • English Bible
  • Cadre Bible
  • Muslim Pro premium
  • Classic catholic prayer
  • Prayer time Qibla
  • Islam word quotes
  • Ramadan times
  • Quran English translation
  • Muslim Prayer time calculator
  • Moses kids book of bible story
  • Hindu calendar
  • Indian Quran
  • Chinese Quran
  • The holy Quran

In conclusion, the above mentioned apps are the top apps out of the other numerous free applications available to android and other users on to get all the listed apps and many more on your device simply visit and download them at no cost at all.

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Betgaranteed Review 2021| Best Football Prediction Site in Nigeria



By is a Nigerian based football prediction website that gives its user weekly / monthly predictions on different football matches with the aim of helping its users win football games according to their prediction.

Looking for the most accurate football prediction site on the world wide web? Betgaranteed is your best shot. Football betting is fun, but without some level of knowledge and guidance, it can be a high risk venture. Soccer fans looking for websites and reliable blogs that offer the most accurate forecasts go straight to the best football prediction site in the world which is

Betgaranteed specializes in providing Accurate Prediction which is promised to being 99 percent accurate, Risk Management which they promise to provides specially selected games that will give you high profit with low risk and 24/7 Support, and Guide,  which is aimed at always listening and guiding you through your football bet journey.

Practically, with betgaranteed, you get nothing but the best.  if you are a bettor and you’re constantly searching for the best football prediction site of the year, accurate football prediction website, site that predict football matches correctly, top soccer prediction sites, best football prediction site in the worldaccurate soccer prediction sites, best prediction site, accurate football predictions for free , accurate football prediction, best prediction site free, soccer prediction site, best football prediction site, football prediction, accurate prediction sites, accurate football prediction sites, best prediction site in the world, bet genuine, accurate soccer predictionbest soccer prediction site, genuine prediction, betgaranteed is capable of handling your request and providing the best and ultimate solution to your query. Winning is our ultimate culture.

At Betgaranteed we know you hate losing money, that’s why we are here to get you back on track. In essence we make your bets ensured. Our algorithm for sports match predictions is supported by professional expert sports analysts, who employ cutting edge research and analytical tools to predict accurate outcomes. They use a unique method based on statistics, history and any other factor that affects each match to support the automated system and ensure we make very accurate forecasts, in order to increase your chances of making profits.

Keep reading to get to know and understand more about the platform.

How Betgaranteed Works

Betgaranteed works by providing risk-free but high-profit gaming prediction that enables its users to be able to earn money betting on football games.

However, is not free as you would have to purchase one of their packages in other to enjoy its benefits. packages has a total of 5 different packages, and each of these packages has its own benefit with different duration and differences in the investment amount.

Below is the break down of the different packages and their descriptions.


The subscription price for 1 week- N3,000

Subscription plan for 1 month- N5,000

Odds: 1.5 – 2.0

Risk management: Inclusive

Winning rate; Steady winning


The subscription price for 1 week- N5,000

Subscription plan for 1 month- N15,000

Odds:  – 2.0 – 3.0

Risk management: Inclusive

Winning rate; Guaranteed profit

Expert Advice


The subscription price for 1 week- N15,000

Subscription plan for 1 month- N30,000

3-5 Matches daily

Risk management: Inclusive

Winning rate; Steady winning


Subscription plan for 1 month- N10,000

Odds: 40

Risk management: Inclusive


Subscription plan for 1 month- N30,000

Risk management: Inclusive

Winning rate; Guaranteed Profits

Expert Advice

How to Join Betgaranteed

Follow the procedures below to join the platform and start winning bets with their accurate prediction.

  1. Visit the website and sign up.
  2. Select any of the packages listed above and make payments.
  3. Get your prediction depending on your packages and bet to win money.


Betgaranteed has a lot of payment methods in which you can use to make payments for any of the above-listed packages and start enjoying accurate prediction.

Betgaranteed payment methods include

  1. Paypal
  2. Skrill
  3. Paystack
  4. Paytm
  5. Stripe
  6. MTN
  7. Mollie and
  8. Perfect Money

BETGARANTEED REVIEW | Is Betgaranteed Legit or Scam?

Betgaranteed is actually not a scam because they provide football betting game predictions which most times turn out to be accurate.

But then we cannot say that all of their prediction is totally accurate as nobody can actually predict a football match accurately every time no matter how you are good at analyzing football.

However, we will advise you to invest what you can afford to lose as we are not a guarantee to the site.

Finally! We’ve reached the end of this review guide.

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As a way out, we have come up with a list of the 10 Top PPSSPP games for Android and PC users and by reading this article, you’re likely to find the PSP game that perfectly matches your desire.

Grand Theft Auto (Liberty City Stories)

Liberty City Stories is likely one of those Grand Theft Auto versions you’ve always craved or heard game addicts talking about. Excitingly, Liberty City Stories comes with simulating tasks and highly realistic gaming scenes, making it the most-sought-after version of Grand Theft Auto. Some of the other exceptional features of this PSP game are up-to-date visual effects, customizability and impressive soundtracks.

God of War (Ghost of Sparta)

Undeniably one of the commonest PSP games on Android devices and PCs, God of War has remained an exciting gaming series most especially for its most-loved version, Ghost of Sparta. Analytically, Ghost of Sparta is an action-packed PSP game with a blend of mystery and adventure. Besides its need for an emulator, this game requires your Android device or PC to have high-grade graphics for you to successfully play it.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Although not all high-end gamers are obsessed with soccer games but this doesn’t obliterate the fact that Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is one of the best PSP games for Android and PC users. Interestingly, some of the features which make PES stand out from several other soccer games are 4K graphics, presence of multiple game levels (plus newly added traits and skills), availability of considerable licensed football leagues and support for an exhaustive transfer system as well as ICC pre-season soccer.

Assassin Creed (Bloodlines)

If you’re really conversant with Assassin Creed, you may have heard that Bloodlines is the most-loved version of the gaming series. While it’s certain that you need just an emulator to play this game on your Android device, it’s also certain that the game avails you several capabilities including unlocking hundreds of mysteries and missions, embarking on an adventure, utilizing combat techniques, signature movement and the Altair gaming style.

Grand Theft Auto (Vice City Stories)

This is undoubtedly one of the PSP games played by avid lovers of Grand Theft Auto. Unlike the earlier versions of Grand Theft Auto, Vice City Stories comes with a generously twisted story allowing you to keep up your dominance in the gang system. Quite interestingly, you’re at liberty of accepting or turning down missions.

God of War (Chain of Olympus)

Chain of Olympus is another highly sought after version of God of War. The gaming version features Kratos who is keen on taking vengeance. Chain of Olympus causes you to explore a whole lot of excitement as well as undergo Krato’s inimical past which involved him killing his wife and daughter. Besides allowing you to have a feel of the dark world, this God of War version challenges you to solve numerous puzzles and unlock multiple combat strategies.

Dragon Ball Z (Shin Budokai)

Lovers of PSP games looking out for fighting games can make do with this version of Dragon Ball Z which enables users to adopt Goku’s epic ninja techniques in overcoming villains. Besides enlivening your gaming experience with improved visual effects and graphics, this PSP game allows you to use every of Goku’s techniques.

Need for Speed

This is really one game that has taken racing to another level as you’re allowed to participate in lots of racing competitions, make your own choice of car parts and easily customize the appearance of your car(s). Both PC and Android users can enjoy this game’s 3D graphics, option of customization, exciting races, rewards and a host of other lovely features.

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011

Notably one of the top-rated PSP games on Android and PC for lovers of wrestling WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw features the usual fighting scenes characteristic of WWE. It clearly simulates the reality show by allowing you to assume the roles of Sheamus, Randy Orton, John Cena and just any favorite wrestler on your mind. Few of the amazing features of this game are the permission to use fighting equipment including chains, hammers and tables as well as partaking in Wrestlemania and other special wrestling events.

Tekken 6

Another exciting game for enthusiasts of fighting games is Tekken 6 which features an old-school-looking arcade scene that brings you face to face with villains. The game avails you the chance of acquiring great fighting skills with which you can overcome enemies.


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