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Dramafire needs no introduction to some long-standing subscribers of Korean movies. But if you’re a new Korean movie hobbyist with little or no knowledge of sites that let you enjoy your hobby to the fullest, this article might be the perfect content for you.

Clearly, this article presents an honest review of Dramafire incorporating the movie categories on Dramafire, what people have said about the site and the reasons why it’s a nice site.

Categories on Dramafire

Dramafire has a homepage with neatly arranged top-lying movie categories including Recently Added Drama, Recent Movie and Recent K-Show. With this category-based arrangement, you’re likely to find your favourite Korean movie by just clicking its category and browsing through it. At times, you might not remember the name of that recently released Korean movie but by perusing Dramafire’s category for recently added dramas, you stand a nice chance of finding the movie.

Scrolling down the homepage of Dramafire, you’ll also find a long list of movies under the category Most Popular Dramas. If your desired Korean drama is such a popular movie among enthusiasts of Korean dramas, you’re very likely to find it on this list.

Why Dramafire Makes a Nice Movie Site

Frequent users of the Internet for browsing movie-specific sites can reckon that there are hundreds and thousands of alternatives. Considering the high incidence of buggy and virus-fraught online platforms, it becomes difficult for some people to single out the reliable ones from these movie-specific sites. While some reliable sites are damn expensive to use, most of the free-to-use sites appear somewhat dangerous with copyrighted material and even security threats. In another instance, people get to see too many annoying ads popping up here and there while using these sites.

Nevertheless, there is a significant number of sites for safe and hitch-free download or streaming of movies and luckily, Dramafire is one of such amazing sites. Below are the other reasons why Dramafire is a nice movie site:

  1. The Korean series and movies on Dramafire can be downloaded in full HD
  2. There is a high quality English subtitle for each movie you’re streaming or downloading from the site
  3. Dramafire hosts multiples and multitudes of latest Asian movies, particularly Japanese and Korean movies
  4. The likelihood of bumping into annoying ads is zero –unlike some movie sites, Dramafire is devoid of those annoying ads which often mar your browsing experience
  5. Users can choose to only stream their favourite movies provided they don’t wish to download them

What Users Are Saying about Dramafire

There has been a decent amount of positive reviews about Dramafire. In fact, it’s been revealed that most of the site’s users declared satisfaction with it. Also on the list of TV shows sites, the site has claimed the sixth position, confirming its reputation as one of the most-loved sites for movie download.

According a particular user, the site boasts complete subtitles for its movies and in terms of streaming quality, Dramafire outclasses some of the sites which require users to pay fees.

While Dramafire happens to be one of the most efficient sites in its sphere, another user considered it an excellent site for streaming Korean and Japanese dramas. Needless to say, many other users have reckoned that Dramafire is a go-to place for exciting Asian dramas, most especially Korean and Japanese dramas.

According to some users, Dramafire has been considered the best site for Korean movies in terms of adequate subtitling and hassle-free streaming. If you crave high-quality streaming of Korean movies without paying a dime, you may give Dramafire a try.


We hope this honest review of Dramafire has given you enough conviction about the movie site. If you’re always dying to download Korean movies on a free-of-charge basis, here’s an opportunity for you to make headway.

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Best and Free Waptrick Applications To Download



By can simply be described as a mobile download site that provides free games, music and apps download. It is the best source for free downloads of mp3 music, videos, games, wallpapers and numerous device applications. The top free applications to download on waptrick includes the following

Phone/SMS Apps

SMS means short message service. It is the most used data application in the world. There are various apps for sending and receiving free messages on androids. On, one can download free SMS and phone apps such as

  • Go SMS Pro
  • Twin Free SMS
  • SMS Cleaner free
  • Chomp SMS app
  • App store
  • Translate HD
  • Flash light
  • SMS App
  • Fingerprint Scanner App
  • E Book

Antivirus/Security Apps

There are good Antivirus and security apps that can protect a device and are free download on waptrick. These apps are downloaded freely on a click away. Some of the most efficient antivirus and security apps on waptrick include

  • Fake call
  • Automatic antivirus scanner
  • Launch x pro
  • Cm security antivirus App lock
  • Phone blocker
  • Gallery lock
  • X file manager
  • Antivirus 2019.


Social/Funny Apps

These apps can make certain tasks in your day to day life a little bit easier. Some of these apps make it fun to stay in touch with family and friends. Funny apps are there to make one laugh. Some of the social/ funny apps that are free to download on waptrick include

  • Facebook lite
  • Opera mini fast web browser
  • Whatsapp messenger
  • Love SMS
  • UC browser mini for android
  • Whatsapp plus

Tools/Gadget Apps

A phone or desktop gadget is a small application that is designed or created to stay on a desktop screen and be used to carryout special functions on the device or the phone. Gadget apps are useful in accessing system information. With different APPS AND TOOLS Available for users to choose from, one might not know the best ones that will be useful to him or her. Some of the best tools and gadget apps available on waptrick for quick and free download include

  • Application lock
  • Calendar 2019
  • SHAREIT connect and transfer
  • Caller location
  • Phone blocker
  • Opera mini browser classic
  • Voice screen lock
  • Fake call
  • Launch x pro
  • Television
  • Lucky Pitcher
  • Spy camera
  • Zero VPN

Religion Apps

These apps include the best religious apps like the sacred Books of various religions. Waptrick free android religion app helps users to have access to religious items, books, events and calendar on the device. The following are the top free religion applications to download.

  • Qibla compass
  • The Holy Bible
  • Al Salah
  • Daily Bible
  • English Bible
  • Cadre Bible
  • Muslim Pro premium
  • Classic catholic prayer
  • Prayer time Qibla
  • Islam word quotes
  • Ramadan times
  • Quran English translation
  • Muslim Prayer time calculator
  • Moses kids book of bible story
  • Hindu calendar
  • Indian Quran
  • Chinese Quran
  • The holy Quran

In conclusion, the above mentioned apps are the top apps out of the other numerous free applications available to android and other users on to get all the listed apps and many more on your device simply visit and download them at no cost at all.

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These days, the download of various movies seamlessly and without paying a dime has become a lot easier. Having shot into the cluster of nice movie download sites, HDMp4Mania is sincerely one of those online platforms for downloading your favourite Bollywood movies and lots more.

Are you searching for the hitch-free site that lets you download the newly released Indian web series?

If yes, your search ends with HDMp4Mania as the site readily offers you a mouthwatering collection of Indian web series, Indian TV shows, recently released Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Hindi-dubbed movies and so on.

This review of HDMp4Mania will expose you to how you can download your desired movies. Additionally, you’ll find out how you can get the site’s Android app for the seamless download of Indian web series.

What Are the Movie Categories on HDMp4Mania?

HDMp4Mania hosts a generous amount of movies stacked under a variety of movie categories. While the site allows you to enjoy free download of movies, it also boasts an amazing collection of TV shows. Below are the movie categories on HDMp4Mania:

  1. Wrestling Shows and PPV
  2. Hollywood Dubbed in Hindi (for Hindi-dubbed versions of your favourite American movies)
  3. Bollywood
  4. All Indian Web Series (Alt Balaji, Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, Amazon and several others)
  5. Normal Quality and Low Size Mp4 Movies
  6. Hollywood
  7. Others (Indian TV Shows
  8. Latest and Hottest 18+ B Grade Indian Web Series (also available on the site’s new Android app)

How to Download HDMp4Mania’s Android App

HDMp4Mania happens to be a wide-ranging platform for movie download. In addition to its huge collection of movies cutting across various categories, the site offers an Android app for anyone to easily get the hottest and newest 18+ B Grade Indian web series downloaded to their Android phone. You may follow the steps below to get the app:

  • Click here to visit the official homepage of HDMp4Mania
  • On the homepage, navigate to and click the option Latest and Hottest 18+ B Grade Indian Web Series on Our New Android App
  • Doing the above will help you load the page for HDMp4Mania’s hottest and newly released 18+ Indian series
  • To begin downloading the app, tap any of the TV series you see on the page
  • Alternatively, you can scroll down as far as the middle of the site’s homepage where you’ll see the icon indicating DOWNLOAD INDIAN WEB SERIES APP
  • Click on this icon and follow the subsequent prompt in order to download the app

How to Download Movies from HDMp4Mania

  • Open any suitable browser on your mobile phone
  • Toggle over to the address bar and type the URL
  • Clicking the above URL will take you to HDMp4Mania’s homepage where you’ll find a decent array of movie categories
  • Select your preferred movie category (such as Bollywood, Hollywood, etc.) and then sift through the emerging list of movies in order to locate your desired movie. Alternatively, you can slot the title of your preferred movie in the search widget provided
  • Once you’ve seen the link bearing your preferred movie, click it
  • Now that you must have landed on the download page, toggle downwards until you see Download Links Below
  • Simply click this in order to have your chosen movie saved in your phone’s storage


We strongly believe that this review has shed enough light on what HDMp4Mania is, how the site can be used and the movie categories you can expect to see while browsing it. If you have a strong knack for WWE Smackdown videos and would like to download them seamlessly, HDMp4Mania is obviously one go-to site for this reason.

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o2tvseries-Steps to Download TV Series on o2tvseries




O2tvseries needs no introduction as an amazing site that lets you download your TV series hassle-free and in no time. Besides boasting one of the most reliable user interfaces among movie-specific sites, o2tvseries is definitely a go-to place for dozens of English TV series and myriads of Hollywood movies.

On o2tvseries, only a bit of subscription is needed to gain access to numerous TV series and movies which you can download on a host of devices including PCs, tablets, iPads, mobile phones, etc. Whether you’re craving some of Hollywood’s latest thrilling movies or dying to get your favorite TV series, you can always bank on o2tvseries for this purpose.

This article is a 2020 review of o2tvseries and besides containing information that will clear your doubt about o2tvseries, it further guides you on how to easily download TV series from the site.

Meanwhile, here are the benefits of downloading from o2tvseries

  1. The site maintains a sleek UI which makes it interesting and convenient for users to navigate around in search of the movies they wish to download
  2. All videos, including TV series and movies, are free to download. The site doesn’t require users to create compulsory accounts upon which they might be charged for subscribing to their favorite TV series
  3. Movies and TV series on o2tvseries are available in high-quality video formats such as HD and MP4
  4. All the videos on the site are copyrighted –you’re very unlikely to get fake material from the site
  5. Provided that you’re on a good internet connection, the site guarantees efficient download speeds plus moderate data charges
  6. You can always get the full versions of your favorite movies and TV series
  7. The site hosts tons of new movies, making it a nice choice for downloading your favorite movies once they are released

Steps to Download TV Series on o2tvseries

  • Visit the official website by clicking here
  • After landing on the homepage, check the second column of the page for newly uploaded movies
  • You’ll find an alphabetical listing –movies on this site are categorized under relevant letters of the English alphabet
  • To locate your favorite movie, click the list containing the first letter of the movie title
  • After arriving at your desired movie or TV series, select the episodes or seasons of your choice
  • Choose your preferred video format for the selected movie
  • Start the download by clicking the file.

Special Things to Note about o2tvseries

  • UC Browser is likely the best browser for downloading content from the website. O2tvseries itself suggests that you use UC Browser but this doesn’t mean you can’t use a different browser
  • There are lots of annoying ad pop-ups on the site. Owing to the fact that o2tvseries generates profit through the display of ads, you have to encounter ads here and there while using the site
  • For a hassle-free download experience, try to have at least a strong 3G internet connection. Having any of 4G and 4G LTE should be an added advantage
  • While o2tvseries has been considered safe to use for downloads, certain areas of the site could be risky


We have given an honest review of o2tvseries by clearly stating the pros and cons of using the site for your download of movies. Therefore, it is left to you to decide whether o2tvseries is your surest bet or not.

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