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If you belong to the category of football punters who always depend on prediction sites, chances are that you’ll want to learn more about such sites.

Helpfully, this post, in one vein, will expose you to the essential criteria for choosing a football prediction site. In another vein, the post will show you the list of the top 5 football prediction sites you can bank on for the very best experience.

Bases for Selecting a Football Prediction Site

One thing that may cause you headache about football prediction sites is deciding which to choose from a truckload of options. Frankly, the Internet is home to a vast array of football prediction sites but it doesn’t go without the drawback of numerous unbefitting options.

If you’re dead bent on choosing only the befitting football prediction site without having to first deal with myriads of unbefitting options, you need to know the bases (criteria) for selecting the site.

To help you in that regard, here is a near-detailed discussion of the major criteria for selecting a football prediction site:

Likelihood of Regular Tips

If you’re sticking to a prediction site that releases tips weekly (rather than daily), you’re very unlikely to meet up with a good deal of action taking place on the markets. This, of course, is why you should only choose a site that is certain to offer football betting tips on a daily basis.

Before registering with a football prediction site, you’ve got to be sure of the site’s degree of regularity (in release betting tips). One way you can ascertain this degree is to keep yourself abreast of the site’s updates for a number of days.

Provision of Sportsbook Bonus Links

In efforts to make success with football betting, it’s very important that you have a good deal of expert-provided tips. However, it’s practically more important to have the links to online sportsbooks offering bonuses for the markets.

Admittedly, majority of the football prediction sites you’ll come across don’t offer betting tips along with links to sportsbook bonuses. This is really why you need to find out the football prediction sites that will offer you both. You’ll find a list of top football prediction sites later in this post and luckily, some of the sites will guarantee you both prediction tips and sportsbook bonus links.

Value of Odds with Respect to the Site’s Predictions

Getting regular prediction tips from a site isn’t just enough to make the site your priority football prediction site. It’s very possible that you end up with insufficient value (on bets) if you are opting for a site that predicts less valuable odds for the markets. If, for instance, you’re getting odds of 1.10 for the markets recommended by a particular football prediction site, it might be hard for you to make reasonable success in the end.

In summary, several key considerations are needed while selecting a football prediction site and one of such considerations is the value of the odds associated with the site.

History of Prediction Success

Not all the football prediction sites out there are worth your time and effort. Trying to finally choose a prediction site, you may want to trim down the huge list of options you’re likely to come across. In this case, it could be expedient that you have a flexible list of selection criteria with “history of prediction success” as one of such criteria.

Some punters may not consider it any significant but really, a site’s history of successful tips is something you may have to prioritize. If it would really annoy you to end up with a huge loss after having staked with real money, it is highly recommended that you incorporate “history of prediction success” into your selection criteria for any football prediction site.

Number of Available Markets

Access to various markets is undoubtedly one of the features you should prioritize in any given football prediction site. On the one hand, such access lets you have a flexible betting experience and on the other hand, you’re very likely to have valuable bets. This is because you wouldn’t have to stick to a particular bet which might not be the most valuable in the long run.

It isn’t far from the truth that your chances of pulling some valuable wagers are tied to your ability to access more (markets) than the usual moneyline markets. Therefore, it would be great that you consider the number of available markets as part of the chief reasons for choosing a particular football prediction site.

The Top 5 Football Prediction Sites

Betgaranteed is a top and one of the most accurate football prediction website that guarantees real football predictions on every market available. Every day of the week, our team of expert analysts and statisticians are working tirelessly to guarantee our daily returns on their stake. Profit is our watchword at Betgaranteed and we are in this business to provide you with predictions that will suit your taste.


This site, for a number of reasons, is one of the most reliable sites for regular football betting tips that you can access freely. FootballWhisper boasts a number of perks including variety, free access to premium betting tips and the chance to compare the site’s offerings with those of similar sites.

FootballWhisper’s variety lets you access betting tips across various football leagues or events. With this, you’re bound to find prediction tips spanning a decent number of football leagues including Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, and lots more.

Sporty Trader

You may not have conceived of Sporty Trader as your priority football prediction site but if you really crave access to a whole lot of features, chances are that you’ll want to choose Sporty Trader.

Sporty Trader doesn’t just offer you features but also, it guarantees you great features such as the available top bookmaker bonuses, an excellent interface and the cogent statistics behind a prediction tip. With such statistics, you’re very likely to get a real shot at the justification for any prediction tip you’re looking at.

One of the good sides of Sporty Trader is that you aren’t only getting free tips but also the likelihood of a favourable experience.


You can expect to make success with all of the football prediction sites in this post. But if you’re a beginner with little or no football betting experience, Tips180 is likely the most befitting site for you.

Practically, some of the features which make Tips180 the most recommended site for beginners are the dedicated sections for the explanation of various betting markets and that of how odds work.

If you’re just dipping your feet in the waters of football betting, you would require a clear understanding of betting markets as well as how odds work. Prettily, this understanding is one of the benefits you’ll reap from using Tips180.

Bet Ensured

This site is generously distinguished for providing vital information (analysis and reports) prior to football games. Beyond that, Bet Ensured is widely acclaimed as one of the biggest sites in the football prediction industry. If you greatly cherish trustworthiness and the track record of a football prediction site, Bet Ensured is likely a great match for you.

Bet Ensured is visited regularly by dozens of football punters looking for free prediction tips. The site lets you access scores of free tips but you may decide to opt for premium tips by subscribing to the site’s paid plans.

Bet Ensured has been in the market for a considerably long period and the site rides on the strength of a great team to ensure punters get what they are looking for.


This site has been touted as an auspicious football prediction platform. However, it may not be the option on your mind if you’re looking for only the well-established football prediction sites.

Matchplug offers a fairly large number of free tips but if you really want to have a magnified experience, you should subscribe to its three-tiered premium plan.

One thing many punters would like to know about Matchplug is that the site goes beyond just predicting the winner of an upcoming match. Quite interestingly, Matchplug provides you with prediction tips not only on markets (you can hardly imagine) but also on various match outcomes such as over/under “x” goals, both teams to score and lots more.

Although Matchplug may not have struck the ground well enough (compared to the other sites in this post), the promising site does offer prediction tips cutting across various events as well as notable leagues including European Leagues.


Hopefully, you’ll make success with any of the football prediction sites discussed in this post. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t suppose that there aren’t other great prediction sites apart from the ones discussed.

Advisably, you should prioritize our recommended selection criteria in any attempt to choose a football prediction site.

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