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Dental Insurance 101-What you must know about Dental Insurance



You brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and rinse with mouthwash because that’s what you were told to do. But this routine is better for far more than just minty fresh breath. Did you know that oral hygiene ties in with other aspects of your health? For instance, a person with poor oral health is at a higher risk for heart disease.

Yikes! It’s a good thing you’ve been dutifully brushing. But you can do even more by taking advantage of what a dental insurance policy can offer.

A good dental plan provides coverage for a variety of dental treatments (coverage varies between policy options), such as:

  • Routine teeth cleanings
  • Emergency dental care and procedures
  • Fillings and crowns
  • Orthodontics
  • Accidental dental injuries
  • Reconstructive or plastic surgery following an injury or oral cancer

Dental insurance is very different than medical insurance for two main reasons:

  1. The low cost makes dental plans affordable for individuals, families, and companies that offer dental as part of a benefit package.
  2. A dental plan encourages and often pays for routine checkups.

What does this mean for you? Unlike some types of insurance products, people with a dental plan start to benefit immediately. It’s a good rule of thumb to visit your dentist for a teeth cleaning every six months. When these visits are covered and the pressure is off your wallet, it’s easier to stick to a regular dental care schedule. Maintaining good oral health can be expensive on your own, but with a reasonable monthly premium you can prevent those bills from sneaking up on you.

There are several dental policies available, including, but not limited to:

  • PPO Plans: With this plan, customers are presented with a group of dentists who provide dental care to patients within the group at a discounted rate.
  • Direct Reimbursement: Also known as Self-Insurance, this is a choice option for businesses because it’s likely to save them money in the case of employees not taking advantage of their benefits. With this plan, employees are invited to visit their preferred dentist for services. The patient pays the dentist and is then reimbursed by their employer.
  • Indemnity Programs: With this plan, you are free to choose your own dentist. A patients pays the dentist and then his or her insurance company pays a set portion of the total fees.

If you’re shopping for a dental policy, our agents can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Visit us at our website today for a free quote on Tampa dental insurance.

Susan Karlen’s career in the Insurance industry spans 30 years and includes management experience at both the Agency and Insurance Company levels. Contact her for a free online Tampa dental insurance quote


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Dental Insurance Vs Dental Plan-Everything you need to know




A summation of proper care for your teeth is not always brushing your teeth day and night, it is also about taking the time out for a proper dental care of both your teeth and gums. Bacteria reside even in the smallest corners of our teeth and escapes completely from the brush. A proper dental check will ensure that you have your gums and teeth in check and the bacterias always dead. Getting a dental insurance will improve the condition of dental care completely. While via normal procedure you have to go through different appointments with different dentist for every portions of your checkup, insurance will let you choose the dentist of your approval which will lead to a cordial relationship between the dentist and you.

From a financial point of view, provides more opportunity savings for you as health insurances usually sum up in a big expenditure involving both medical and dental services. Though the cost for dental cleaning is always high, a separate dental care in itself will ensure proper savings for you hence, the discount.

Dental insurance plans

Whenever buying a plan, be aware of the insurance plan. An insurance can be anywhere between 3 months to 3 years in an insurance plan respectively. To ensure that the customer does not resign after a major dental procedure, are introduced in order to efficiently manage clients and discourage them from resigning.

Direct reimbursement plans

This is the most expensive plan from the dental insurances. Dental Insurance is not a feature of this plan and the insured person has to pay directly to the dentist from whom services were rendered. Employee employer is a prevalent feature of this plan as the customer has to provide the bill to be reimbursed with the part of the expenditure or the whole amount of the expense for which services was rendered. Being the only plan that covers your pre-existing problems, it is an expensive plan based on employment.

Dental discount plans

A type of discount most suitable for senior citizens, dental discount plans also has no waiting period. It is not employment based and is usually cost effective letting its members save around 60% in procedures like fillings, cleaning, bracings and check ups. A collective group is formed letting a new individual become part of the group with nominal fees. Hence, these are much cheaper compare to dental insurance.

Dental plans with a waiting period

For an individual person with basic preventive procedures like cleaning, is not needed while managing planned care like group have a waiting period as it is the cheapest. While procedures like general cleaning service and radiographics have no waiting period, bigger procedures like general anesthesia and oral surgery have a waiting period of 12 months. To make the matter clear about the waiting period, the waiting period is inversely proportional to the condition for the procedure.

Calinton Hall is content writer who writes about the topic of dental insurance. Cal Dental insurance will provide [] best plans to the people.


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What are the 10 best insurance companies in Nigeria?

LEADWAY Assurance Company

LEADWAY Assurance is a reputable insurance company concerned with a broad variety of services in the areas of Life & Pensions, General Business Insurance. Notably, some of the company’s ancillary services include Portfolio Management, Bond, Secured Credit and certain other allied financial services.

AIICO Insurance Plc

AIICO is a vibrant insurance company concerned with a number of essential services including Asset Management, Life Insurance & Annuity, General Insurance & Special risks, Pension Management and Health Insurance. Founded in 1963, AIICO Insurance is one of Nigeria’s most trusted insurance companies.

Cornerstone Insurance Plc

Under licensing by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), Cornerstone Insurance functions as a public limited liability company offering General Business Insurance and Life Insurance. Notably, Cornerstone Insurance previously operated as a private limited liability company and ever since its establishment, the insurance company has continually proffered solutions to the insurance challenges of its clientele.

Custodian and Allied Insurance

This insurance company is known for rendering a wealth of insurance plans which align with the demands of its clientele. Ranging from Travel Insurance down to Auto Insurance, Tuition Protection and Immediate Annuity, the insurance plans of Custodian and Allied Insurance speak well to clients’ needs.

African Alliance Insurance Plc

This insurance company is highly reputed for its dependable Life Assurance offering. A company incorporated in 1960, African Alliance Insurance prides on its acclaimed trustworthiness and efficiency in the delivery of essential plans some of which include Individual Assurance, Esusu, Annuity Assurance and Group Life Assurance.

AXA Mansard Insurance

AXA Mansard is well known for providing firms, organizations and individuals with non-life insurance and life insurance. Notably, this insurance company is a member of the AXA Group which is one of the major Nigerian companies in the areas of asset management and insurance.

Continental Insurance

Living up to its name, Continental Insurance proffers solutions to both life and non-life insurance needs of its clientele across the African continent. Notably, it’s regarded as the most prominent player in the private arm of the pan-African insurance sector. Some of the insurance plans it offers are Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, Auto Insurance and Business Insurance.

Goldlink Insurance Plc

Goldlink Insurance, which was formerly a private limited liability company, is an outfit offering insurance coverage in Life and General Businesses. The company offers a pretty number of insurance plans namely Travel Insurance, Oil & Gas, Fire and Special Perils, Life & Pension and Motor Insurance and several others.

Lasaco Assurance Plc

Regarded as Lagos State Assurance Company Limited at the point of incorporation in 1979, Lasaco Assurance is a Nigerian insurance outfit licensed in 1980. As one of Nigeria’s most reputable insurance companies, Lasaco Assurance guarantees its clientele trustworthiness in offering a broad range of insurance plans some of which include Bond Insurance, Fire and Special Insurance, Marine Insurance, Motor Insurance, Money Insurance, etc.

Industrial and General Insurance Plc

This insurance company offers insurance coverage in crucial areas including Pensions and Special Risks, General Insurance and Life Insurance. Incorporated as a private limited liability company in the early 1990s, Industrial and General Insurance was, in 2007, ultimately registered as a public limited liability company to offer a broad range of insurance plans including (but not limited to) Health Insurance, Marine Insurance, Engineering Insurance and Aviation Insurance.


The insurance companies up there are all reliable and over the years, they have remained operative in the Nigerian insurance industry. However, it’s advisable that you check out the insurance plans offered by your chosen insurance company before eventually buying its service.

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