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Can SafemoonCash be the Next Safemoon?



SafemoonCash is, in short, a rug-proof, ownership-renounced, community-driven project that will bring rivalry to Safemoon with positive vibes only. Bitcoin Cash reached an ATH of 0.25 Bitcoin. Safemoon cash first goal is for Safemoon Cash to reach 25% of Safemoon’s peak market capitalization. They are fully committed and determined to make this happen.

And Safemooncash is deadly serious: They believe their tokenomics is superior and so is their community. Safemoon Cash is 100% community-driven. There is no dev or marketing fund. When required, the community rallies together to raise funds.

They have an incredibly dedicated community, who all bring a multitude of skills to the table. Their core team consists of tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, software fanatics, and marketing specialists who are all passionate about cryptocurrency.

They can’t do it without their community, however – everybody is invited to help them reach .25 Safemoon. You can join them on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and Discord.

Safemoon Cash was stealth-launched by members of the BSC community late April 2021 after Safemoon reached a market cap of over four billion dollars. With its high transaction tax, it’s the early holders of Safemoon that profit most.

SafemoonCash gives holders passive rewards through static reflection. By staking Safemoon Cash in a pool, it raises its own capital, ensuring liquidity.

They believe their tokenomics are superior to those of their big brother. With the help of their community, not just the sky, but the galaxy is the limit. Everybody is welcome, everybody is equal. Get on board and prepare for the greatest adventure of our lifetimes!

Safemooncash Tokenonmics

Safemoon Cash was stealth-launched by members of the BSC community late April 2021 after Safemoon reached a market cap of over four billion dollars. With its high transaction tax, it’s the early holders of Safemoon that profit most. Safemoon Cash gives holders passive rewards through static reflection.

By staking Safemoon Cash in a pool, it raises its own capital, ensuring liquidity. They believe their tokenomics are superior to those of our big brother.

  • 4% tax on all transactions: Safemoon Cash is built on strong tokenomics. Every Safemoon Cash transaction incurs a 4% tax to the benefit of all.
  • 2% distributed to holders 2% of all taxes are distributed to all holders.
  • Ownership renounced, LP burned: SafemoonCash is owned by the community. Ownership is renounced, which means that the community is in control.
  • 2% automatically to liquidity: 2% of each transaction is locked away in the Safemoon Cash liquidity pool, to create a steadily rising price floor

Safemooncash burned the liquidity when they started the token. This is renouncing ownership at its finest. Check the transaction here. Ownership renouncement tx can be found here.


General information in this Safemooncash post is in no way meant as financial advice. The individual voluntary contributors to this project are not responsible, and cannot be held accountable, for any present or future risk involved with your personal investment into Safemoon Cash or in other projects that are mentioned on this website.

DeFi products, on the Binance smart chain or other chains, are considered a “high risk / high reward” investment and thus follow the golden rules: never invest more than you can afford to lose and do your own research (DYOR).

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Crypto Whales: The infiltrators of Crypto Market




The whole crypto coin as a whole can be infiltrated by a single or collective traders who are known as well trader. They tend to manifest themselves by rigging the market to become unstable. Crypto whales have a say in how they want the market to be and we have some many of this crypto trader whales in almost all crypto coins.

What is infiltrator?

According to Dictionary Cambridge The world Infiltrator means:

A person who secretly becomes part of a group in order to get information or to influence the way the group thinks or behaves.

This is so commonly related to influencer or coin pumpers. They have the power to decide what the outcome of the market will be.

Are the Crypto Whales the main benefactors of the Market?

No matter how the market turns out to be, there are many who will enjoy and also suffer for every instability that occurs in the market. A coin dumps, there are millions lost fro other trader and A coin Pumps and millions gained. Its two sides of the coin and its better of time to detect which part you fall under. The benefactors or the looser

What Do you think about Crypto Whales, are they danger to crypto growth?


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Mofi Finance Price Prediction, and Expert Analysis




Mofi Finance Price Prediction, and Expert Analysis-Last year Mofi Finance team saw tremendous growth in Ethereum for projects in the decentralized financial ecosystem, including Uniswap, Sushiswap, Aave, Curve, Compound, Yearn, and others. The Mofi team believes it is a key piece of the puzzle missing from the current basis: it’s a DeFi hub specifically for collateralized tokens.

These can be LP tokens, tokens that earn returns on projects such as yield-earning, and even newly emerging Bond tokens. Mofi Finance thinks that these successes will be passed on to Binance smart chain with Bnb and it carries out its work on the binance smart chain.

MOFI; Creating a DeFi platform that aims to work, including services such as yield-earning, MOFI Swap, MOFI NFT platform and Mofi Starter, this will be a first in defi.

Mofi Finance Features

  • Mofi farming,
  • Mofiswap,
  • Mofi NFT ,
  • Mofi Starter

Mofi farming, you can lock your LP tokens to a business of your choice and gain Mofi.

here you will have lots of choices, but you can use MOFI-BNB for example.

MOFISwap allows users to be Liquidity Provider, Farming, Staking, Exchange, Bridging Assets across chains.

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MOFI NFT: You can add your own nft tokens to the nft tab and sell these nft tokens at auction or fixed price. The platform will add Mofi nft tokens as incentives and offer them for sale.

Mofi Starter: It aims to ensure that your ideas can find funds in a decentralized way.

Mofi Starter, which has been implemented in order to enable new projects to receive funding from decentralized and in cooperation with different networks, will help your project find funds through public or private sales.

Mofi Finance Token Details

oken Distribution: 04/26/2021 Farming Start: 05/01/2021

Farming Start:

Smart Contract Audit

Type: BEP20 Contract Address: 0x984d3e9906ef5f3e44576140cd0cf649ba1befa8

NEW LP TOKEN: MOFI BUSD LP: 0x59fb98b47ae636d3c764a1d80074fa79b28b19f9 MOFI BNB: 0xf0490ca3fcc5ace42f3261e705dd0b393bfbe116 BNB-BUSD : 0x58f876857a02d6762e0101bb5c46a8c1ed44dc16

Mofi Finance Farming and Distribution

Type: BEP20 Contract Address: 0x984d3e9906ef5f3e44576140cd0cf649ba1befa8 1,000,000 Token Presale Tokens Per Block Reward~ 10 MOFI

Fee %1

Polls: MOFI-BNB Multi SLP 1X MOFI-BUSD Multi SLP 0.5X BNB-BUSD Multi SLP 0.25X

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2021

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
May 2021 $0.84498101 USD 67.83 %
Jun 2021 $0.81413493 USD 61.7 %
Jul 2021 $0.73245015 USD 45.48 %
Aug 2021 $0.81888193 USD 62.65 %
Sep 2021 $0.77304258 USD 53.54 %
Oct 2021 $0.73272212 USD 45.53 %
Nov 2021 $0.77283533 USD 53.5 %
Dec 2021 $0.83703442 USD 66.25 %

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2022

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2022 $0.98957938 USD 96.55 %
Feb 2022 $0.93484205 USD 85.68 %
Mar 2022 $0.88226057 USD 75.23 %
Apr 2022 $0.91003614 USD 80.75 %
May 2022 $0.98248355 USD 95.14 %
Jun 2022 $0.88653125 USD 76.08 %
Jul 2022 $0.97791913 USD 94.23 %
Aug 2022 $0.96085041 USD 90.84 %
Sep 2022 $0.77538226 USD 54.01 %
Oct 2022 $0.95127090 USD 88.94 %
Nov 2022 $1 USD 98.99 %
Dec 2022 $0.80520323 USD 59.93 %

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2023

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2023 $1.22 USD 141.99 %
Feb 2023 $0.99543700 USD 97.71 %
Mar 2023 $0.87760640 USD 74.31 %
Apr 2023 $1.26 USD 149.78 %
May 2023 $0.87588041 USD 73.97 %
Jun 2023 $1.06 USD 109.97 %
Jul 2023 $1.02 USD 102.99 %
Aug 2023 $1.25 USD 147.66 %
Sep 2023 $1.17 USD 133.01 %
Oct 2023 $1.24 USD 145.45 %
Nov 2023 $0.86752460 USD 72.31 %
Dec 2023 $0.95925999 USD 90.53 %

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2024

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2024 $1.01 USD 100.4 %
Feb 2024 $1.5 USD 197.48 %
Mar 2024 $1.3 USD 158.15 %
Apr 2024 $1.06 USD 111.24 %
May 2024 $1.26 USD 150.47 %
Jun 2024 $1.23 USD 145.07 %
Jul 2024 $1.28 USD 153.44 %
Aug 2024 $1.16 USD 130.62 %
Sep 2024 $1.12 USD 122.86 %
Oct 2024 $1.35 USD 167.54 %
Nov 2024 $1.22 USD 142.11 %
Dec 2024 $1.03 USD 105.49 %

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2025

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2025 $1.68 USD 234.27 %
Feb 2025 $1.72 USD 240.7 %
Mar 2025 $1.45 USD 188.41 %
Apr 2025 $1.75 USD 247.81 %
May 2025 $1.65 USD 228.16 %
Jun 2025 $1.26 USD 150.02 %
Jul 2025 $1.36 USD 170.87 %
Aug 2025 $1.5 USD 197.64 %
Sep 2025 $1.44 USD 185.57 %
Oct 2025 $1.67 USD 231.94 %
Nov 2025 $1.3 USD 158.61 %
Dec 2025 $1.57 USD 211.72 %

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2026

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2026 $1.68 USD 233.63 %
Feb 2026 $1.77 USD 251.13 %
Mar 2026 $1.7 USD 238.05 %
Apr 2026 $1.77 USD 250.99 %
May 2026 $1.89 USD 275.73 %
Jun 2026 $1.61 USD 218.81 %
Jul 2026 $1.62 USD 222.65 %
Aug 2026 $1.65 USD 228.55 %
Sep 2026 $1.55 USD 207.25 %
Oct 2026 $1.56 USD 208.9 %
Nov 2026 $1.73 USD 243.79 %
Dec 2026 $1.78 USD 252.69 %

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2027

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2027 $1.79 USD 255.68 %
Feb 2027 $2.01 USD 300 %
Mar 2027 $1.8 USD 257.72 %
Apr 2027 $2.06 USD 309.88 %
May 2027 $2.24 USD 344.18 %
Jun 2027 $1.88 USD 272.45 %
Jul 2027 $2.26 USD 348.46 %
Aug 2027 $1.9 USD 277.76 %
Sep 2027 $2.2 USD 336.34 %
Oct 2027 $1.89 USD 274.96 %
Nov 2027 $2.24 USD 344.12 %
Dec 2027 $1.91 USD 279.58 %

Mofi Finance Price Prediction 2028

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2028 $2.37 USD 370.34 %
Feb 2028 $2.05 USD 306.29 %
Mar 2028 $2.32 USD 360.43 %
Apr 2028 $2.36 USD 369.6 %
May 2028 $2.24 USD 344.66 %
Jun 2028 $2.21 USD 338.49 %
Jul 2028 $2.2 USD 337.86 %
Aug 2028 $2.11 USD 318.94 %
Sep 2028 $2.31 USD 357.83 %
Oct 2028 $2.18 USD 332.98 %
Nov 2028 $2.49 USD 394.23 %
Dec 2028 $2.1 USD 316.7 %

* Our predictions are made on the basis of Historical Data. We are not responsible for any profit / loss.

Is Mofi Finance a Good Investment

Yes Mofi Finance is a good investment, the total supply is decreasing everyday, you can buy it and farm or stake to get more MOFI tokens. From Bulliscoming Analysis, Mofi Finance Starter and MOF NFT platform and lottery will start this month, and the price of MOFI will likely rise to $10 or $20. The project is 1Month old and her token is listed on Hotbit, BKEX, Bibox, and Pancakeswap, and will get listed on Bitmart this week.

Mofi Finance Roadmap

Mofi; Dealing with every subject on Defi systems.

But their priority is to create Mofi Starter, Mofi Nft, Mofi Swap projects.

Step by step, Mofi follows the changing market and topics of interest to investors. It will start working to implement the following projects.

Completed: Yield-Farming %100 MOFI Swap %25 MOFI NFT platform %30 Mofi Starter %10

The Mofi team aims to create all these projects on the Binance smart chain until the end of 2021.

mofi finance price prediction

Where to Buy Mofi Finance

Stage 1: Create a Wallet

  • The first step is to create a wallet.
  • Go to the MetaMask website and download the browser plugin.
  • Then create an account.

Important note! Save the “Seed phrase” they give you, in case you forget your password.

Stage 2: Add Binance Smart Chain

Now when you have a wallet to store your currencies in, we need to add the correct chain network.

1.  Click the MetaMask icon on the top right of your browser. Then on the dropdown menu where it should say “Etherium Mainnet”.

metamask step1

2.  Now we type in the following:

metamask step2
  • Network Name:
    Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID:
  • Currency Symbol:
  • Block Explorer URL:
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Stage 3: Buy BNB

Stage 4: Transfer BNB to Your Wallet

Now when you have some BNB.

1.  Open your wallet in Binance exchange, select Binance coin (BNB), and click withdraw.

open binace exchange

2.  Go and open MetaMask. Ensure that the wallet is on the Binance Smart Chain network, and after that, copy the address by clicking on it.

copy your meteamask wallet

3.  Paste the address you copied from MetaMask in the address field. Click Binance Smart Chain and enter the amount you wish to transfer below and submit. You should see the BNB coin on the left side.

3enter details

5.  On the next window, you will get a confirmation for withdrawal.

After a minute, the transaction will appear in your MetaMask wallet, so you will be good to go.

Stage 5: Finally You can Buy Mofi Finance

Now when you have BNB in your wallet, you can simply buy Mofi Finance Coin from Pankcakeswap. If you encounter some issues, try adjusting slippage tolerance.

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Can Elon Musk loose power over crypto?




The crypto market is very easy to manipulate and the crypto whales are always eager to hold the line without backing off so easily. The big question so many keep asking “Can Elon Must loose power over crypto? Well, the answer can rightly be No, but so many will want to say otherwise.

The reason why nothing can be done inside the crypto world its because of the flexibility it has. When something can be easily influence buy crypto influencers due to financial power the risk remains and the manipulation continues in this regards.

Can Elon Musk loose power over crypto?

For Years, only the rich dominates many levels in life and it has never changed. The fact that the crypto world wants to be uncontrollable the logic of been flexible cannot allow it pass through successfully without been manipulated.

Only Influential crypto whales has the power to change the outcome of a coin with their wealth.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is among the top 3 riches in the world. His wealth is beyond country(ies) and continents, based on analyses, his wealth is capable of advancing the whole of Africa Continent away from poverty.

Elon Musk and Co. power over Cryptocurrency

The dream of having an uncontrolled cryptocurrency market will always continue to be a dream. There is nothing that can change as far as we are talking about the world richest persons involved

We are not just saying common random persons but people with influence, power and wealth. The chances of cryptocurrency been uncontrolled will always stay mute. There are blind arguments that cannot be erased and topics like this with NO stronger backings will remain penetrable.

Without doubt, we are sure you have one or two statement to make about this topic. Do well to drop your comment and share.

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