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Can you imagine a list of prediction websites without Predictz not on it? Predictz is one of the highly recognized prediction sites that has proven helpful to punters. Many punters are cashing out based on their prediction, match analysis, and other vital info on the site. Their records over time have led to more punters using their analysis to predict the outcome of matches.                     

However, the site offers free football tips, statistics, football form of each team, league table, latest football results, and many others. The accuracy of matches predicted on Predictz is between the range of 50% and 60%. Some individuals have placed winning bets through the assistance of Predictz.

Over the years, they have created incredibility for themselves by making customers stick to their predictions. Presently, many punters want them to diversify into other predictions aside from football matches. With Predictz, the chances of becoming a potential winner are high compared to other prediction sites.

How Does Predictz Work?

It is easy to get accurate predictions on Predictz because they offer football predictions every day. The betting site takes its time analyzing different football matches worldwide to ensure they give a close to perfection prediction. Also, they have data of various football leagues such as head-to-head record, form, history, odds, team lineup, etc.

With the data, punters can predict any soccer game with a high 90% accuracy. There is an algorithm inside the data system to offer a permutation of the possible outcome of matches. The truth is everyone has their choice in going for any prediction on their site. Here are the following ways the site work:

Predictz User Interface

The site has a simple, user-friendly interface that punters can operate, and the background has a dark color to allow punters to navigate everywhere on the website to perform various betting activities. It is one of the reasons betters find the site amazing to sort out their prediction needs. Betting activities are arranged sequentially for a faster reach. For instance, today’s and tomorrow’s prediction are easily outlined for punters not to waste their time.

Predictz Statistics

It is one of the features football betters will enjoy because they will have the opportunity to see daily games available on the Predictz website. The statistics on the site are comprehensive enough for bettors to have options on the matches to stake their money.

However, football betters will have vast ideas on both teams about their records, such as possession, red cards, head-to-head record, corners, team lineup, yellow cards, scoreline, etc. The statistics are much to confuse any punter, but it is better to check the crucial stats before staking.

Predictz Form

Every football team has its current form, and it is a determinant factor for the outcome of any football match. On Predictz, you will see predictions on games won, drew, or lost in their past five football matches. A football team that is in good form could win either 4 or 5 of their last games. On the other hand, a weak team would lose four or all their previous games.

As a result of this, punters can decide to tip the team with the highest number of wins in their last games to win the upcoming football match. Besides the current form of the group, there are other factors punters can use on the Predictz website to select their winning teams.

Predictz Today Prediction Tips

Based on the fact they give today’s prediction on a daily basis has lured lots of punters to their website. Predictz provides adequate information on various soccer games in the major football leagues such as English Premiership, French Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, German Bundesliga, Serie B, English Championship, Eredivise, and many others.

Furthermore, they offer predictions on both International and National football competitions like Euros, World Cup, AFCON, Copa America, Olympics, friendly matches, etc. Football tips from Predictz include half-time scoreline, over/under, goal range, total goals, final scoreline, etc. One of the fantastic things is you don’t have to pay any fee to use their various football predictions.

Predictz Results

After placing bets using numerous predictions on the website, there is a feature on the site for checking the outcome of football matches as the game progresses. As a result, punters can compare their different predictions on the site and the current result. Most of their forecasts always come out positively, while others might go wrong because anything is bound to occur in football.

Predictz League Table

The league table offers an avenue for bettors to know the standing of different teams by their performance across numerous football leagues worldwide. Also, the table makes it easier for punters to check both teams they want to place their money, and it is the reason football fanatics are fond of checking their games when it comes to an end.

Different changes happen in a football league table after the entire match has been played. For instance, a team in the relegation zone might come out from it due to the outcome of other teams. One must place a reasonable amount of time to check each team’s standings to ensure they don’t lose their money.

Predictz Social Media Presence

Social media has been a massive tool for the Predictz website because they share their various predictions on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for punters to select football matches using numerous football tips on their website. On the other hand, bettors don’t have to waste their time going to Predictz website to select matches to play.


There are many opportunities for punters to emerge winners by placing their bets on any game they are sure of cashing out. Over the years, their track records have led to an increase in the number of users visiting their website daily. The high number of people visiting their site is due to their incredibility over time. With this prediction site, your dream of winning can become a reality. 

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Top 10+ Loan Apps in Nigeria everyone must have when Applying for a Loan




The use of techno has made it easier for people to obtain loans by using application on their mobile phones. Some of these loan apps require one to make repayments after borrowing. If you’re borrowing for business purposes, there should be a plans for paying back. This article provides information about the top 10+ loan Apps in Nigeria everyone must-have when applying for a loan. It also gives some interest rates for different platforms but it is advisable you make inquiries from the chosen loan app to be current on their interest charges.

Top 10+ Loan Apps in Nigeria

These loan apps are reliable when it comes to fast loans, and effective customer relationships. These apps have provided financial needs to numerous individuals even in emergency situations, and you can make your choice on the one that suits your preference after reading through the various loan apps in Nigeria.

1.     Aella Credit

Aella Credit is a trustworthy loan app that gives access to very fast Loans. They have good customer relation, and their customer service is very effective. Assistance is rendered to individuals with complaints or enquires whenever they are necessary. It requires for one to sign up and provide the necessary information needed to obtain the loan, and this gives access to loans irrespective of your location.

2.     Branch

Branch loan app is among the top loan apps in Nigeria, it is also operated in other countries and gives accessibility to users at any location either at home, office, or public organizations, etc. After the necessary procedures are taken to sign up the individual who is interested in the loan, the money is sent to the individual through his or her bank account.

It is a reliable loan app with efficient accessibility to loans when it is needed for either business or personal purposes. Branch gives the opportunity to make applications for loans that are as low as a thousand naira, and as high as two hundred thousand naira from the loan app with no huge interest being placed when making payment of the money loaned.

3.      Carbon (Paylater App)

This loan app called Carbon is among the numerous loan apps in Nigeria, it is one of the recognized apps to solve your fianacial issues. For lots of people who borrow money, this Carbon was initially called paylater app when it was established. This gives loans to people regardless of their job or work status. It doesn’t matter if you are a worker, student, employed, unemployed, salary earner, or entrepreneur, you can seek a loan with this app whenever you have urgent financial needs.

4.     CreditVille

This app is useful to mostly business and monthly earners in Nigeria. These group of people are always faced with financial challenges that will require them to borrow money. Creditville is capable of offering loan ranging from 100,000 to 4,000,000 naira. The good thing about this loan app is one can borrow money without using any form of collateral. It is expected for the borrower to pay back the loan within 1 months.

5.     Fair Money

The Fair money loan app is popularly due to its efficiency in obtaining loans. The services offered by this loan app is very effective and has no stress. You can apply online for loans at any amount higher than 100,000 naira with no need for paperwork or collateral. Its repayment policy is vast giving options for convenient repayment, there’s a great advantage for individuals who pay back loans early, because they are going to have opportunity to get higher loans. Other bills can also be made through this loan app with discounts when you buy airtime from the app in Nigeria.

6.     KiaKia Money

KiaKia Money is a mobile web app that offers very fast and quick loans, KiaKia money is available to individuals who have urgent demands to redeem regarding their businesses or pressing issues. The official website of KiaKia loan should be consulted to make the application and get directives on the loan application.

7.     Kwik Money

Kwikmoney is different from other loans based on the fact it does not demand an to obtain loans. It only requires the user’s mobile contact number, a smartphone, and simcard that is directed to your bank account. There’s no need for paperwork or documentation as you’re granted access to the loan in no time. Early repayment of the loan is advised, you’re attracted to benefits like increased chances and rate of borrowing money.

The official website should be consulted to enable you to make your application which requires your contact number to enable you have the money sent to you. A time-limit of 14-30 days is given for repayment with a 5% interest added to the amount borrowed. It is advisable to repay early before the 14th in order not to attract the interest value placed on the deadline.

8.     Palm Credit

Palm Credit offers Loans for as low as N2000 and as high as N100,000. Palmcredit gives access to fast loans at an easy and fast pace. The steps used are easy and understandable to give Loan access to the interested user. The loan timeframe is between 91 days to 180 days with various interest rates ranging from 14% to 24%, monthly interest of 4% to 47%, and an annual percentage rate of 48% to 56%. This loan app can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

9.     Soko Loan

Soko Loan is a Loan app among the top Loan apps in Nigeria, the app is convenient for anyone to use. The loan is being sent directly to the user’s bank account, and it is expect the at the person should make repayment within 2-6 months. This online loan app in Nigeria is fast and it has no need for collateral or paperwork, and the interest rate ranges from 4.5% to 34%.

Soko Loan is a microfinance institution that grants those with no privilege access to financial aids. Entrepreneurs of small scale businesses and students can take loans from Soko Loan, it’s vital that repayments are made early. The steps needed to get loans are easy, and you can download and apply for a loan with Soko loan.

10.                        Quick Check

Quickcheck is another Loan app you can have on your mobile phone. It grants loans to you at a fast pace which goes straight into your bank account when you make an application for loan. As a Nigerian, this loan app assists you to get fast loans online without collateral. The procedures required are easy and borrowing money is at high value of 200,000 with the user’s ability to choose when to make repayment. The Quickcheck Loan app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

11.                        Renmoney

Renmoney gives loans to customers without any sponsor or collateral. It can loan out up to N4,000,000, and it is essential that repayment is made within a time frame of 12 months with 4 to 5% interest rate. There are conditions guiding this platform before you can make an application for loan. Applicants are expected to be 21 years of age and above with employment that supplies steady income. A valid bank account and means of identification are also important.

12. Rosabon Finance Quick Loan

This is one of the quickest means of getting loans without collateral in Nigeria. It is also a simple method of gaining personal Loan. You are expected to repay loans within 3-12 months, the interest rate falls at a percentage of 4-6% each month. There are also provided conditions that cover participation in this loan such as valid identity cards, paid employment and Bank Verification Number (BVN)

13. Zedvance

Zedvance offers customers a fast loan at an increased rate. The interest rate relies on the deals of loan, and this platform is meant for salary-earner. The interest value for zedvance is 4.0 to 4.5%. It also has its conditions for giving loans which include official email address, valid Id, employment letter, and a repayment means of either cheque or direct debit.

14.   Okash

Okash is a personal loan platform for Nigeria. It is open to Nigerians from age 20-55 years, and you can obtain a loan of 3000 to 50,000 naira from Okash. The repayment of loan is optional as you can make a choice on any that suits your preference. The  repayment of loans demand a time frame of 91-365 days with interest rates of 0.1% to 1% on a daily basis and annual interest rate of 36.5%-360%.

15.  Xcredit Loan app

The loan app Xcredit gives fast and reliable loans in Nigeria. It offers an amount of N50,000 to N500,000 with a time frame of 91 days – 180 days with an interesting value of 12%. The age-grade ranges from 18 years and above. The loan is sent directly to your bank account after the procedures of creating the Xcredit account, and applying for the loan is actualized.

16.   Lcredit Loan App

The repayment strategy of this loan app is convenient and has a commendable interest rate with a loan limit of N5,000 to N50,000 having a 4.5% to 34% interest rate and service fee. Loans repayment policy is for duration of 91 to 180 days and an annual interest of 29% to 219%. Lcredit Loan is open for interested Nigerians above 18 years and below 60 years of age. This loan app requires no need for collateral, paperwork, or guarantors. All you have to do is apply from the Lcredit app with a smartphone, download the app, and register.

17.  GETCASH Loan App

This loan app is fast and it is for 25 years of age upward. It is required that the applicant have a steady job before obtaining the loan. Getcash repayment is within 91-180 days with loan offers from N5,000 to N100,000. The interest rate is 5% – 27% with an annual percentage rate of 26%- 334%. The charges are straight forward, easy with friendly options for repayment as well as quick approvals when registration is complete. The Getcash app can be downloaded from Google playstore.

18. Page Financials

Page Financials provides quick Loans through mobile App for your personal and immediate pressing demands. Page Financial gives loan, and there are other tasks that are performed with this platform such as money transfer, airtime recharge, and payments of bills. A mobile phone is needed to acquire this loan which is between N2,000,000 – N5,000,000 with no collateral or paperwork. There are added advantages attached when you use Page Financials which is a Loyalty award. The website is also available for further inquiry.

19.  9ja Cash App

This is a quick loan app that gets money into your bank account speedily. All you have to do is signup with the necessary details, and follow the easy steps required for you to obtain a loan. Repayment is within 91 to 180 days with interest rates of 1% to 34%, and you can borrow loan from N5,000 to N300,000. The monthly interest of 3%-29%, and annual interest rate of 29% to 365%.

20.    Quick Bucks

This Loan app is from Access Bank, it gives access to both Access bank customers and non-Customers. Quick Bucks offer Payday Loan, salary advance, Mortgage, small ticket personal Loans, Device financing, and Vehicle finance. The Loan app has procedures like downloading the app and other relevant processes and important details to fill up before obtaining the Loan, these steps are easy and understandable, and you will also be required to provide your bank account number to enable you to receive the loan.


There are various loan apps that is fast, simple and safe by users in Nigeria. Loans are made through these online apps which have proven to be highly effective as money is transferred to the loan applicant’s bank account after making a request for loans. These various loan apps have different terms and conditions, it is important that you read through them to gain familiarity and make a choice on the terms that are acceptable and pleasing to you.

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